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We’ve all been there. You’ve found a brand new coin or Project and you’re excited to invest. Reading through all you can about it and you discover it’s on another blockchain that you’ve never set up before. Ugh.

Now, it’s time to search for “How to add XXX Chain to MetaMask” and hope you don’t click on a malicious link or find outdated information.

Or don’t. There’s a better way.

In steps X-List from ProjectX to help solve this annoyance.

X-List provides a one-click method to add an EVM network directly to your MetaMask, while providing you peace of mind that the information provided by X-List is correct and up-to-date.

It’s really simple. We’ll do it together.

How to Use xlist.app

  • Head over to https://xlist.app/
  • Use the Tiles or Search Box to find the network you’d like to add
Search Results for Avalanche on X-List
  • Click on ‘Add to Metamask’
  • Click ‘Approve’ on Metamask popup to add the new Network
Metamask Confirmation
  • Congratulations, you’ve successfully added a new network to your Metamask wallet

Are you a Developer that would like to see your EVM network available on X-List? Instructions on how to submit your Network to the Github project are here.

About ProjectX

ProjectX aims to be a Core Defi Ecosystem providing sustainable, passive income opportunities for all entities. Initially built as NaaS (Nodes as a Service)/DaaS (DeFi as a Service) hybrid, ProjectX is quickly expanding beyond its roots to gameified utility and TradFi/FIAT access to the blockchain. ProjectX currently has over 350,000 Nodes running and securing the AVAX network.

Learn more about ProjectX by visiting projectx.financial, or reading our Whitepaper at projectxbook.gitbook.io/whitepaper.

Join the discussion via Discord discord.gg/projectxfinance

Follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/projectxfinance



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Project X

Project X

Origins Unknown. Built on AVAX-Chain.