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Welcome! I’m going to put on my mostly-serious pants for this article discussing our Tokenomi-X and Node Creation structure. We’re going to hit the fundamentals, because I know y’all are eager for a peek, and then we’ll touch on the Nitty Gritty.

Don’t fret, when you’re ready to really dig in, the White Paper is on the way.

Before we get started, though, let’s get a few items in the clear:

We are not here to offer a fixed or guaranteed Life Time Reward rate only to adjust it in the future with an apology. We are not going to tell you that Rewards will never change, up or down.

We ARE here to run a new, more flexible project in the DeFi space with simple and sustainable passive income for everyone. We’re here to build for longevity, and with that comes our commitment to both communication and making changes as necessary.

EDIT: While I'm on subject, there is some UPDATED, PROACTIVE communication below in the Node Basics & Rewards section.

So let’s get to it, yeah?

Token Fundamentals

  • Launch Blockchain: Avalanche
  • Exchange: TraderJoe
  • Token: $PXT
  • Launch Pair: $PXT / $AVAX
  • Launch Price: $0.40
  • Circulating Supply: 1,000,000 $PXT
  • Buy Tax: 0%
  • Transfer Tax: 0%
  • Sell Tax: See Below.


In order to not delay the launch, we are implementing an 8% claim tax instead of a sell tax. We plan to switch to an 8% sell tax and 0% claim tax, as previously communicated, at an appropriate future time to be announced.

Node Fundamentals

I see you there, scrollin, trying to hit the quick n’ dirty, but you know what? We’re gonna talk about the Node structure first, bullet points last. Eat your veggies, kids.

In our first Medium I referenced a few things, including an extremely nimble structure, and a Rewards Pool-agnostic Treasury revenue stream.

When you click Create Node (or Create Nodes — SURPRISE! Fun feature we’ve included, you can create more than one Node at once), there are a number of things that will happen:

  • 5 $PXT will transfer to the Rewards Pool
  • 2 $PXT will transfer to the Treasury, swapped to $AVAX
  • 2 $PXT will transfer to the Smoothing Reserve, 50:50 split between $PXT & $AVAX
  • 1 $PXT will transfer to the Operations Pool, swapped to $AVAX

This is our Business-As-Usual structure, but at this point you’ve heard me reference flexibility about eleventy-five times, so here’s the next part:

Everything is fully deployable.

I couldn’t help it, I did say MOSTLY-serious pants.

You read that correctly. We are nimble to the point of 9-to-1.

Why is that important?

The DeFi & CryptoCurrency space changes… rapidly. We have been in this space long enough to experience the volatility personally, and we’re not arrogant enough to believe that a rigid structure, no matter how generous, will have the answer to every question. So we made it flexible.

You may have noticed in the Token Fundamentals section that while we don’t have a Buy or Transfer Tax, we do include a Sell Tax in our Tokenomi-X. The vast majority of this (2/3rds) feeds the Treasury, and 1/3rd goes to the Operations Wallet (still fully deployable).

This means we’re feeding a yield-targeted Treasury without the need to sacrifice any potential to the Rewards Pool in the future, and we all know how important that is when we’re discussing real longevity.

And now that you’ve had your veggies…

Node Basics & Rewards

  • $PXT needed to create 1 Node: 10
  • Maximum Nodes per Wallet: 100
  • Are the Nodes able to be sold? No
  • Are the Nodes able to be transferred to another wallet? No
  • EDIT — Rewards: 0.17 $PXT per Node per 24hrs
  • How do Rewards accumulate: Incrementally throughout the day


Why did we choose 0.17 Rewards per day?

It wasn’t for the memes.

Humanity has long looked to the heavens for answers, and you’ve probably picked up on our intergalactic marketing spin at this point. The Lunar Cycle is 29.53 days long.

That’s how the math worked out.

Call it fate.


The rewards will be reduced to 0.17 $PXT/day/node. Please note the rewards will be continually adjusted, UP and DOWN, to offer optimized payout with a focus on longevity.

Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

Project X.

Be on the lookout for our next Medium Articles discussing our Treasury goals and direction. And maybe some Protocol-Owned-Liquidity.



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Project X

Project X

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